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Our Focus is Your Vision

Focus Vision and Eye Care is focused on providing our patients with comprehensive vision care and family friendly service for the Austin area, including the Round Rock, Pflugerville and Hutto communities.

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Focus Vision & Eye Care Services

  • Comprehensive Eye Exams

    Our comprehensive eye exams determine the health of your eyes, and allow us to evaulate the appropriate needs for your vision. A convenient non-dilated, retinal photo imaging option is available for our patients.

  • Contact & Specialty Lens Fits

    Our experienced staff can help you choose a contact lens or speciality lens fit that works with your lifestlyle and daily vision care needs. We are experts in all aspects of contact lenses and offer all the latest technology which allows us to find the perfect fit for you.

  • Diabetic Screenings

    Diabetes can have significant impact on your vision. Our diabetic screenings can help detect if you are at risk so we can provide a course of action for your vision, as well as your overall health. Diabetic screenings are recommended annually.

  • Ocular Disease Monitoring

    Focus Vision and Eye Care monitors your overall vision annually, to keep track of changes in your vision, in order to keep your eyes healthy! Some of the most common eye diseases we diagnose are glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes and cataracts.

  • Dry Eye Management

    Our dry eye management options allow you to break free of the irritating inconvenience of dry eye syndrome.

  • Cataract Surgery Co‑Management

    Cataracts cause clouding to the natural lens inside your eye, resulting in blurry vision, sensitivity to light and increased glare when night driving. If you have any of these symptoms, request an evaluation today.

  • LASIK Surgery Co‑Management

    Are you tired of wearing glasses or contact lenses? Our surgery center uses the latest technology to correct a broad range of vision issues. Ask us if you are good candidate for LASIK!

  • Emergency Eye Care

    We provide services for eye infections, eye injuries and ocular foreign body removal. We understand these issues can happen quickly, and will gladly see you the same day.

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